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Hiragana Tiles 1.1

This is a game designed to help you learn the most basic Japanese symbols (See all)

Many tile matching games for the computer are known as mahjong solitaire after the first computer game of this type that was created in 1981. These types of games are usually meditative but strategic and require you to concentrate to exercise pattern recognition and enable learning. The Hiragana Tiles program is categorized as a solitaire mahjong game and it has been developed for learning the sounding and recognizing the symbols of Hiragana, a component of the Japanese writing system. Hiragana Tiles requires you to match 40 characters and symbols by searching the tiles for similarities. The tiles in the game have romaji or the Latin alphabet on them and they are color-coded. Hiragana is a kana system and each kana is either a vowel, a consonant followed by a vowel or a nasal sonorant which can sound like English or resemble the vowels of the French language. Tile matching computer games of the mahjong category continue to appear today in many variations of sets, layouts, and with challenging learning curves. Hiragana Tiles is a classic example of this type of solitaire game which presents you with a relaxing method of learning the forty Japanese syllables and characters, that is simple to learn.

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